Afraid to take your teenage driver out driving this winter?

By December 29, 2016Winter Driving
Winter Driving

Winter is a great time to begin driver education!  We can teach the skills to survive winter driving.  If you can drive during adverse winter conditions, you can drive any time of the year.  If the conditions are present, we can give your child tips & experience to be a better winter driver.  Winter road conditions may include any or all of the following: snow, ice, snow pack, melting ice and slush.



 Here are some basic tips you can share with your teen:

  • Practice slower starts and stops

  • Increase following distance and allow a greater space cushion around your vehicle while driving.

  • Be sure your windshield, windows and mirrors are clear of snow and ice before moving the car.

  • Use low beam headlights & windshield wipers when necessary.

  • Point wipers up when the car is parked so they won’t freeze to the windshield.

  • Slow farther in advance for turns.

  • Use low gear on declines.  Only place car in lower gear at a slow speed.

  • Slow to a creep on ice and avoid braking.

  • In the case of a skid, let off the accelerator rather than braking & turn in the direction of the skid.

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